The holidays are fast approaching,

We love the holidays over here… I can never tell, which part i like better? there is always a part of me that really just loves the wrapping. this year when my mom asked me what I wanted, I honestly couldn’t come up with anything… but I imagined gorgeously wrapped presents under the tree. Am I alone in that?

Here is our contribution to the wrapping

our online shop will open soon! stay tuned…

Crisis Averted!

So, we heard you all, while you all loved the idea of a used clothing store, you all really wanted a fashionable spot to shop for your tots, so we’ve got you covered! So, we are no longer having an identity crisis as we mentioned in our last post, We are ready to show you what we have, we know you are going to love it!

In addition to a new look in the store we have worked tirelessly to find you the coolest stuff for your littles, here is a sneak peak of some of the goodies we have instore for you.

In addition we are very excited to be soon launching our online store! stay tuned for the details!


So… what is happening now!

We are having so much fun CURATING a bunch of new lines for our moms and tots!

We have learnt so much from our shoppers over the last couple of weeks and we are listening to what you guys want.

Sunny and I are doing so much sourcing for new product, we have some incredible lines coming in over the next few weeks, you will have to come by and see us to check them all out. Trust us, you kids will be the best dressed kids at camp, school, playdates!

stay tuned…


Store opening was a blast!

We are thrilled and touched that so many local moms and their families came out to celebrate with us on our opening weekend. We had a blast…. and a few too many treats!

We are so honoured that the mayor Geoff Dawe come by to “cut the ribbon” at our store opening. It was such an honour to have him and his team to celebrate our launch. We love our official certificate!


We are so thankful for all the families that came to celebrate with us, we can’t wait to share so many fun memories together over time!

Stay tuned for our next fun event!

Getting ready for the opening!

Hello all!

Can you believe it! It’s finally happening! months of sourcing, branding, packing, unpacking, trekking and all sorts of swearing and sweating here we go! it’s finally happening. Hope to see you on Saturday from 11-1

opening watermellon

The Mayor will be there ‘cutting the ribbon’ and there will be treats and face painting for the littles.

Hope to see you there!


It’s happening!

This week we have had some major milestones.

– Our last sourcing and pick up for a few weeks

– Signage ordered

– A second window display (my hubs said that there was too much pink everywhere, is that even a thing?)

– Established our monthly going and partnership with “the Sick Kids Foundation”

… and, lots and lots and lots and lots of clothes sorting and hanging and tagging!

I am getting so excited. AND the SUN CAME OUT!!!!

Check out some of our progress here and local ladies, wait for our first give away!!! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

What we need now – HANGERS, lots and lots of HANGERS!

Help Wanted!

Hey Mom’s.

Ottawa, Oakville, Waterloo, Montreal, Windsor, Hamilton and anywhere in the states! We are looking for a few good ‘moms’ to help source with us! This is extremely part time work…

if you know anyone that may be interested have them email us at